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BUSINESS Murray BridgE

Jobs, Growth & Investment in a Proud, Safe and Progressive Community

Business Murray Bridge grew from a vision to combine three existing business groups in Murray Bridge – Murray Bridge Business and Tourism, Bridge Street Central traders and Murraylands Enterprise Estate. The merger of the groups MBBA would ensure a strong voice and advocacy for its business district. A strong voice to local council, public authorities and other groups advancing issues of importance to its members.

Providing the voice for businesses

BMB have council collaboration and partnering initiatives, to ensure events promotion and 

management. Opportunities to source and supply and be proactive and work together to improve our city.

BMB will offer its member networking and programming opportunities, support and involvement in community events, be active in promotion and marketing the businesses via networking events, traditional and social media. A member business directory on the website which can be accessed by both business groups and the general public.

Opportunities for businesses to gain additional support with education, training and development. An opportunity to showcase their business and staff achievements at an annual business forum and awards events.

Business Murray Bridge launch.png

We are committed to improving the prospects of the Murray Bridge and regions business community.


To attract and retain a positive investment environment and employment in the Murray Bridge region and underpinning this sentiment with growth and diversification.

Develop an environment of co-operation, goodwill and collaboration amongst businesses, council and investors.

Networking is more than creating knowledge, opportunities and sales. It promotes positive 


business confidence. It is about creating a more buoyant local economy.  An economy which creates employment for all age groups and genre and creating a workforce that have the passion and desire to drive a vibrant regional Murray Bridge economy.

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