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See the faces of our business community and read their stories, share in the Murraylands Business Community Business Success Story Profiles, featuring our sponsors and members. 

Bridge Windscreens

 Steve kicked off his Bridge Windscreens business in 1988 after identifying a need for a mobile service. With an old Ford ute, some tools, determination and a willingness to have a go at self-employment, he has seen his business grow and prosper in the Murraylands. Now offering a wide range of additional services such as signs, decals, vehicle wrapping and paint protection films, Steve and his team are passionate about great customer service and enjoy lots of customers returning to their business. With a focus on our valuable farming community, the team also provide on-site services for all types of agricultural/earthmoving machinery glass. He is a proud business supporter of the region, having been involved in Murraylands Enterprise Estate from its foundation in various roles most recently the President. 

Stihl Shop Murray Bridge

Leanne and Kim Cooper don't believe in keeping machines in boxes. After 15 years in business on McHenry Street, Murray Bridge, the owners of the Stihl Shop know what they're talking about.

The power equipment they sell - including chainsaws, brush cutters, blowers, hedge trimmers and high-pressure cleaners - are meant to be used. 

That means getting rid of the cardboard so customers can inspect them, get a feel for them, take, them home and get straight to work.

A few years later, if your tools need any maintenance, they can service them in-store and procure any necessary replacement parts. 

The Coopers got into the game when they ran into the same problems faced by any home gardener; growing grass and falling branches. 

How could they get their home looking neat and tidy again? Quality equipment was the answer. The lawnmower they brought all those years ago has not failed them yet. 

Yet you need not pay through the nose for such quality - the Coopers take pride in offering everything at affordable prices. Their range is more extensive than you might realise, too. For example, they are one of Murray Bridge's leading sellers of mobility scooters, and service those as well.

They truly have everything you could need, right here in the Murraylands. They are proud locals as well, and employ another four local people. At Stihl Shop Murray Bridge you can get the right advice on the right machine for any job.  

Telstra Business Centre Murray Bridge

Almost two decades into the 21st century, their remains a disconnect between what many small businesses offer and what customers want. Forty-six percent of small businesses do not have a website. Yet 54pc of purchasing decisions are made online. 

Observations like that are what make Daniel Hocking, Ros Mullins and the 22-person team at the Telstra Business Centre in Murray Bridge so invaluable to business owners. 

Telstra has more than 8000 business customers in the Murraylands, Adelaide Hills and South East. Whenever those businesses need to stay connected with their customers, or keep up with the latest technological trends, they come calling. 

The question, as far as Daniel and Ross are concerned, is; what are their clients trying to achieve, and how can technology make that job easier?

The potential answers are much broader than simply the mobile and internet services for which Telstra is well known. They can help with Office 365, cloud storage, IT security and more, and do it face to face. 

Protecting your business network or taking those first steps towards tapping into the potential of the internet may not be as hard as you think. 

The Telstra Business Centre can help you understand why technology is so important for the growth of your business, develop your confidence in that technology, and improve the service  you offer your customers, all while building a trusted relationship. 
Collaboration is key, they say, so don't be afraid to share you ideas, even if you are not a Telstra customer. There are hundreds of apps and devices out there; surely at least one can benefit your business. 

Wally's Bottleyard Recycling Centre

Recycling may seem like a 21st-century thing, but South Australia led the nation in introducing a refund scheme for drink bottles back in the 1970s. 

Right back then, Wally's Bottle Yard and Recycling was in the game.

In the early days, the Waltrovitz family only recycled glass, but under current owner James - who took over from his parents nine years ago - the list of products the company deals with is exhaustive.

Plastic, cardboard, aluminium cans, long-necked bottles, junk mail, newspapers, paper, plastic bags, soft plastic wrapping, food tins, even car batteries - you name it, Wally's can make use of it!

Glass, cans and plastics are crushed on site: 32,000 cans or 16,000 plastic containers into a single cube.
The company sends two blocks to Adelaide every week, ready to be recycled there or shipped overseas.

Paper and cardboard is mostly turned into kitty litter at a rate of 40 tonnes per month.

The work is enough to keep three staff busy full-time.

Wally's offers a cardboard pick-up service to businesses, with bins provided, and also processes shrink wrap from Kmart, Target, Coles and the local Murray Valley Standard office.

The depot at 12 Thelda Street is well organised, with a large undercover area, and the staff are happy to answer any questions about the process. 

So take your recycling to Wally's, save the environment and go home with some cash in your pocket - what's not to like?


Bridge Office National

Behind every great man is a great women, the saying goes. 

Well, behind every successful business is an office that equips its employees to succeed. 

That means comfortable chairs, practical furniture and paper in the printer and pens and textas that work! 

After 17 years in the business, Bridge Office National owner Andrew Baltensperger is optimistic about the level of success coming Murray Bridge's way. 

"The future is so bright you have got to wear shades - there are great initiatives happening all around the Murraylands, it is an exciting time, and everyone can look forward to a great future" he says. 

"Be confident... We will not go backwards."

At their showroom at 26 Seventh Street, Bridge Office National offers a large range of high-end office products and accessories, along with fast service and fair pricing coupled with local knowledge. 

You might spot a trophy or two - they have won awards and finished a finalist from Office National and Brother before. 

Stop by, test out an item of office furniture, learn about what is available and how it can make your life easier, or just have a chat - after all, sharing information and ideas is another way to grow, Andrew says. 

"Our customers are our friends," he says. 

Since 1976, Bridge Office National has been an integral part of Murray Bridge's business community. 

The next time you need office supplies, support the community by keeping local money circulating locally. 

Murray Bridge Self Storeage

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